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Monday, January 31, 2005

Simple House Name Sign

Here's a very simple house sign that we made recently. I like the font - Century Schoolbook in all capital letters with the first letter in each word larger to emphesize each word
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Scottish Thistle House Plaque

House number and name sign with simple Scottish Thistle motif in the centre. Painted by Rita Grant.
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House Name plaque with Seagull and Lighthouse pictorial

House Sign with pictorial of seagull and lighthouse. The customer asked for a pictorial of a lighthouse on a rocky island with a seagull flying in the foreground. Painted by Ivan Brenton
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House Name Plate with Holly Pictorial

House Name Plate with sprigs of holly and berries pictorial. This house plaque was painted by Sadie Bass from her own design. We get asked to paint quite a few 'Holly' design house signs. Each one is different - the artist paints the holly and berries to visually ballance within the arching text.
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Sunday, January 30, 2005

House Name plates with pig weathervane pictorial

House Name Plate with weathervane motif. The customer asked for a pictorial of a weathervane with a pink pig at the top - The sign was for her home which is part of a converted piggery and they already have a weathervane with a pig like the one shown. Ivan painted the house sign. we get asked to paint many pigs - mostly flying pigs like the one shown on this page on our main website.
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House Plaque with Michaelmas Daisies

House Sign with Michaelmas Daisies ring. This house sign was made for a British customer who lives in Germany. She asked for the house number, family name and christian name of her family members on the sign with the number surrounded by a decorative ring of blue michaelmas daisies.. Painted by Sadie Bass.
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Friday, January 28, 2005

House Address Plaque with Birds Pictorial

House address sign with hand painted swallows pictorial. Painted by Ivan Brenton. The customer asked for an oval landscape scene with swallows in flight. Nice one Ivan!
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House Name sign with pet portrait

House name sign with a portrait of a lop eared rabbit. The customer sent us a photo of their rabbit and Jean painted the life like portrait from it. Jean got all the colours and markins just right!
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Natural Rustic oval range

Natural Slate style house sign. This rustic oval house plaque has the house name in Goudy Handtooled font. The sign is from our standard natural rustic ranges. I uploaded this sign to give visitors an idea of how the natural rustic house plaques look like with an 'established' date.
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House number & Name with wild flowers

House Sign with wild flowers. Painted by Jean Ellams. The customer requested pink flowers in the centre surrounded by blue harebells. The font is called Times Roman Special caps - the first capital letter in each word is taller than the the rest to emphasize the words.
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Thursday, January 27, 2005

House Sign with King Charles Spaniel Dog

House number sign with pictorial of a King Charles Spaniel painted by Jean. Jean loves to paint dogs and birds.
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Thor Pictorial House Number Sign

House Number with a pictorial of a Thor. Thors are found on the moors in southwest England. Painted by Ivan
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

House Sign with english landscape

House sign with landscape painting. Ivan just finished this landscape on a house sign for a customer who saw one in our custom painted house sign gallery that Gerry painted of hobbits looking over Erriador. The customer liked the landscape with the old tree, so he asked for the house sign to be painted without the hobbits.

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House Name Plate with Red Squirrel

This house name sign has a red squirrel painted in the top arch. The design was created and painted by Jean Ellams. We get asked to paint quite a few house plaques with squirrels on them but usually grey squirrels.
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Monday, January 24, 2005

House Sign with sleeping grey cat

A mews style house name plaque with a grey sleeping cat. Painted by Jean Ellams. The customer asked for a blue-grey java cat in a curled up sleeping position surrounded by flowers. This was his cats favourite place to sleep - right amongst his flower borders
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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Isle of Mann House Sign

Here's a house name plaque that was sent to the Isle of Mann. The picture in the arch was hand painted by Ivan - it is the coat of arms for the Island. The font is a gealic style font called Uncial which is used a lot on the island
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House Plaque with Old English Font

This house sign was ordered as a gift from a customer in Scotland to be shipped to the US. She asked for a design with the West Viginia 'state flower' rhodedendron and a red english rose signifying the bonding of West Virginia and Lancashire. The Gift was for her newly married Mother and Partner.
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Rose Cottage House Name Plaque

Rose Cottage House Sign painted by Sadie Bass. According to the Halifax Buildig Society house names survey, Rose Cottage in the second most popular house name in the UK - No1 is 'The Cottage'. From our experience, 'The Conifers or 'CONIFERS' is the most popular house name ordered. See this link to let us know your house name and why you chose it.
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Lucky House Sign

Here's a lucky house sign - a horse shoe, four leafed clovers and sprigs of lucky heather. Painted by Sadie. The font on this house plaque is called Harrington. - The customer has ordered a cutom painted house sign from us before 'Tanglefoot' for a house they where buying but the sale fell through. She gave the previous ordered house plaque to the existing home owners. Hopefully this one brings her better luck!
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House Sign for boathouse in New York Harbour

This house sign was painted by our artist Dave for a customer in New York, USA. She ordered it as a gift and sent us a picture of the boat via email. Dave is a young talented artist in his late teens who painted for us for about a year whilst he was waiting to join up with the Royal Navy. He has now left to do his basic training in aicraft maintenance! Good Luck Dave - we all wish you the very best in the future. If you are ever sailing into in New York Harbour, look out for the boat you painted -it is called 'Teddy Bear'
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Oystercatchers House Name Plaque

This house sign was painted by Jean Ellams. Jean loves to paint birds. The customer askes for a hand painted pictorial of some New Zealand oystercatchers on a beach. This house plaque was taken to New Zealand by the customer for his home - we do ship worldwide, but he took it with him to save on extra shipping charges. These oystercatchers look quite different to the ones found on UK shores.
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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ginger cat house sign

This house plaque was painted by Ivan. The customer asked for a pictorial of a ginger cat. Ivan found a suitable picture to go by on google image search - one of a minature model of a ginger cat and Ivan painted it surrounded by grass, sky and flowers. The house sign was shipped to Spain - so I suppose the cat will be enjoing itself basking in the sun.
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Apples and Blossom House Plaque

Here's a house sign painted by Jean Ellams. This is a very popular design - we call it Apples & Blossom. Of course seasonally speaking the pictorial in incorrect, you don't get apples at the same time of year as the blossom but it looks nice.
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Result of our Christmas Charity donation

We announced that for Christmas 2004 that ALL monies taken for house sign orders on our website on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be donated to the UNICEF Darfor emergency fund - this unexpectedly raised £312.70 over the three days of the holiday, the previous year this totalled £79 - thank you to the customers who bothered to log on over the Christmas holiday period.
Unfortunately the Asian tzunami happened on December 26th and after much discussion and confering with the customers we decided to split the fund and donate £160 to UNICEF Dafur and £160 to Emergencies disaster fund for the tsunami disaster.
Thanks to the customers who placed their orders over Christmas, your money went to a good cause.
Whilst the tzunami disaster is grabbing the headlines, the people in Sudan are still in desperate need of help, so please don't forget them!

On a personal note, after the Tzunami disaster, my wife Julie and I decided to sponsor a child orphaned by this dreadful flood to be able to live with extended family and get education, decent health care and emotional support during the rest of its life. This is a long term commitment but now that our two children have grown up we both agreed it was the right time. We both looked for an organisation that would cater for this and found the SOS Children's Charity. They do exactly this kind of work and for just £20 per month you can sponsor a child. Every penny of the £20 sponsorship goes to the childrens welfare - the charity itself is financed on other donations and 'gift aid' which is the money that is given by the taxman if you tick the box on charity donations. The charity is worldwide - the link is to their UK site. If you have considered sponsoring a child yourself, why not do it now! These kids need your help. SOS CHILDREN
Kind regards, Gerry

Friday, January 21, 2005

This house sign was made by me - Gerry. The customer had it made for their retirement home in Cyprus. The idea for the cypriot goat and olive tree sign was a joke the customer' son made - He said to a friend that when his parents have moved to Cyprus they intend to spend all their money and all he will get left is a goat and an olive tree!

Here's a simple house name sign made my yours truely. I like the font the customer asked for - Pristina Bold. Although it is not one of our standard fonts, the customer sent us a link to the font so we could download and install it

Popular House Names

What is the nations most popular House Name? If we looked at our sales, the most common house name we have made is 'CONIFERS' or 'THE CONIFERS' second most popular is PINE HOUSE or THE PINES. According to a survey by a UK Building Society the most popular house name is THE COTTAGE. Altough we have only ever made about 6 house signs with that name. ROSE COTTAGE is number two according to the Halifax.

We are interested to know - what is your House name? Why did you choose the name? Please put your answer in the comments box.

This house sign has a scene of a babbling brook meandering along with wild flower and a few trees. Painted by Sadie. The font is Times Roman - it reads nice and clear. Originally the customer asked for 'Old English' but the font does not always read well in arches along the top of the house signs, because of the way text arching at the top can look lop sided in Capital Letters and lower case. Old English in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS would have been nearly impossible tp read.

This natural rustic look house name plaque was made for a customer in Jersey. she asked for a pictorial of tikerbelle in a pink dress 'pinging' the house name so that stars come from the letter. Painted by Ivan.

This house plaque was paited by Sadie. It took her ages to paint. The dificult part was the foliage, not the jasmine flowers. We definately undercharged the customer for this plaque.

Here's an unusual House Number sign painted by our artist Ivan - this house sign was a gift to a lady who likes to buy.... You guessed it - a lot of shoes and hadbags! Makes a change from painting flowers.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mixed Pansies House address plaque

This house sign shows pansies which are raised in relief and hand painted by our artists - although these pansies are offered in many different colour options, this mixed colour design is the most popular. We will be discontinuing this design soon as the mould is breaking down and we will no longer be able to offer it for sale. There are about 400 of this design shipped. - Who knows, maybe one day this will be a collectors item on antiques roadshow!

House Sign Makers Diary

Hello World. I am Gerry Dunlevy the proprietor of Ornamnetal Signs. I have fianlly decided to get on the Blog revolution and start a diary of work related rantings about our house sign related business.
We will be uploading lots of pictures of custom house signs we have made and descriptions of how they are made and comments on why customers have chosen the particular house name for their home. Let me know what you think a few weeks down the line!
We are a team of house sign makers and house sign artist that specialise in manufacturing reflective house numbers, house name plaques and custom painted reflective house signs for everyone. Our house signs are shipped wordwide.
Why not 'pop in' occasionally to take a look at some of the recent work we have done and read some of the comments about the daily life of our house sign studio.
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